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By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

Earn money pissing we will come and make videos and photo shoot, we pay you to piss over people pissing escort service

Piss On Me 


Make your own vidoes or photos and send them to the Piss Slave Zac he will message you with new places to piss and new videos he wants to see so "Happy Pissing" 

Why not watch Zac and his friends on webcam !

into watersports? into piss play?

Contact Zac 

we will be holding photo shoots next year and videos of people pissing in the woods and more.  

If you want to earn money from piss or you want a mouthfull of piss let Zac know.

Starting  Jan 2021 

New range of Piss Slut clothing coming soon 

Looking for Piss Slut Slave clothing - then you have come to the right place a Piss Slut Slave Boy dream - from whips, chains, masks, harness and muzzels. Speak to Zac and he will send you a full list of items and help you pick the best options to keep your slave or master happy.
Piss Play coming soon 

To use this website or work with us you must be over 18, you use this website or services at your own risk. Contact Zac the Piss Slut and find out how you can more photos and webcam shows of actual pissing and piss drinking 

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